Forgiving Forward is pleased to announce the release of  the
8-Session DVD Series

Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution

To accompany the DVD Series, we have created a 128 page Study Guide. Each Session in the Study Guide includes reading content, personal reflection questions, discussion questions, video notes and much more. A Leader’s Guide with answer key is included. 

 For the month of July only we will be giving a 20% discount on all orders. Orders must be made by phone—770-461-4151.
(A $5.00 shipping/handling fee will be included.)

8-Session DVD Series  $95.00           July Special $76.00
128 page Study Guide  $15.00           July Special $12.00
Forgiving Forward Book $15.00      July Special $12.00

The DVD Study is perfect for small groups, families and individuals.

In this eight-session DVD study you will be challenged to examine truths about forgiveness that are both shocking and transformational:

• How can you be free from your past wounds forever?
• Why does God expect forgiven people to forgive others?
• How did Jesus forgive?
• What is the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation?
• How are forgiveness and faith connected?
• What are Heaven’s protocols of forgiveness?
• How do you know when you have completely forgiven something?
• How do you help someone else get set free through forgiveness?

In this study, a companion to the life changing book Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution, author and teacher Bruce Hebel draws a road map to lasting life change through the power of forgiveness. Each video segment is approximately 20–25 minutes. A study guide for personal development and group use is available at


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The Spirit of Forgiveness

The quickest way to keep Satan out is to keep the spirit of forgiveness in. The devil is never deeper in hell nor farther removed from us than when we can pray, ‘Father forgive them; they know not what they do.’ (Luke 23:34)

EM Bounds

     The Spirit of Forgiveness through the Power of the Cross — took a woman in her eighties, who could barely walk with a cane, changed her heart, … to walking out “carrying” her cane. It took a young girl who was so tormented she couldn’t stop crying, nightmares, vomiting, … to laughing, joyful, childlike again. It took a woman who lost everything, had no hope, … to falling on her face to kiss the feet of Jesus in gratitude for the freedom she received. It set a man free from years of depression. It gave hope to a mom who is walking through a dark time. She is free in her heart as she still deals with a tough situation with confidence and hope. It reunited a mother and daughter after being estranged for 2 years.  Those are just “some” of the recent stories the Forgiving Forward Revolution.
     In an effort to multiply the message of forgiveness, we have recently filmed Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution HOME EDITION, an 8-week small group study. The DVD series will be released in May complete with a Study Guide.
     God is on the move to bring good news to the afflicted, to bind up the brokenhearted and to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners. All freedom comes from Him, from His cross—the Gospel—He is all we need.
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Life leads to life…leads to life…leads to life…

God’s message of Life taught through a Forgiveness Seminar brought freedom to a dear woman. Her life in this new freedom not only changed her, but also impacted a friend of hers. This friend met with Toni wanting to know how she too could be at peace. After her coaching session was finished she left in a peace so great she didn’t want to “ever leave this place.” Upon arriving home, her life made an impact on her husband. The light of this Life was shining through her more brilliantly than at any other time in her life. With divorce proceedings beginning that week, he asked her to hold off and said, “can I meet with them too?” He met with Bruce. It was through forgiving that he realized that he believed in the blood of Christ for the first time. He received salvation and freedom through forgiveness all in one package. Where will the Life in him go? Whose life will be impacted through him? The blood of Christ is so powerful…more than we believe…more than we know. May we keep His blood flowing…His life touching…His heart beating…

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We’re Back!

What an amazing time we had in Israel! God did so many things through us and surprised us at every turn. We are still processing the trip, the experiences and the encounters with the people He connected us with. Orna, a Messianic Jewish lady that we met in Israel will be here in Fayetteville on September 13 to speak to Touching Hearts Ministries, a women’s ministry that I (Toni) am involved in. Everyone is welcome. We meet twice on Tuesdays at 9:30 am and at 6:30 pm. (140 Kathie Ave, Suite D, Fayetteville, GA). Her story is amazing! Come get a taste of Israel on September 13.

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Day 14: Corizon Bueno

Shabbat Shalom! We began the day by joining the Shabbat service at Jerusalem Assembly. It was encouraging to once again see the people we interacted with last week. Abigail, a Spanish Jew, came to greet me (Toni). I led her through forgiveness last week. We had no translator handy, so I used the little Spanish I knew. “Corizon bueno? (heart good?)” She grabbed and hugged me and said yes!

We enjoyed a few sites today, interacted with some Muslim background believers and prayed with one of them. Their stories are eye-opening. There is much I cannot say here.

The day ended in the home of Amoun. She and her family have lived in the Holy City for over 250 years. A 50 foot section of the wall of Jerusalem is the wall of her home. About 25 members of her family live there. She and her family were very hospitable to us. We enjoyed our time with her and encouraged her in the Lord. Tomorrow will be our last day in Jerusalem. We will “earn our keep” by cleaning the school that has housed us. We are grateful for a place to stay so close to the Old City of Jerusalem. (Sorry for the lack of pictures…our computer crashed a few days ago so we have no ability to upload them.) Shalom.

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Days 12 and 13: Like Corrie ten Boom

How do we explain the last three days here in Israel? Impossible. It all began with an email from a friend in the States. You need to go visit this Messianic Jewish lady who has a widow’s ministry in Israel. We made contact by email and then drove 1 1/2 hours northeast of Jerusalem to visit her.

Orna lives with her sister, her sister’s husband, and their children. They just moved into this home 2 weeks ago and immediately began renovating it. The home is large and will be perfect for her ministry to desolate women and their children who need help, training, and most of all, Christ. She explained to us that “widow” in the Bible did not necessarily mean women whose husbands had died, but those women who were desolate.

Our conversation continued: “I have been praying for the key to unlocking what is holding these women in bondage, she said.” God gave her the key through us. We taught her the message of forgiveness, but soon we had an audience. Her sister joined us, who also works in the ministry and their pastor “just happened’ to drop by. We cannot adequately convey the connection here; it was so God. In fact, Andrew said, “did you teach at JUC this past semester?” “Yes, I did.” Andrew went on to say, “I was the student that came to you and said ‘I wish my parents could meet you!'”

They fed us lunch then invited us back the next evening to their Shabbot meal at the church. We changed our plans and went back to meet with them again. The church service was wonderful. Orna translated for us. The pastor spoke on forgiveness, referring to the things we had taught the day before. He then offered an invitation to come back and teach the forgiveness seminar to his congregation.

We ministered to many different individuals during the meal time, one on one. This Messianic church has been in existence for 20 years and has planted 3 other churches. It was an unbelievable time experiencing God “doing His thing” through us. 🙂

One lady said, “I have been praying for years that someone would take up the message of forgiveness to the world like Corrie Ten Boom did. My prayers have been answered through you.” Another man said, “I have spent the last 3 days wrestling with God. You don’t know what you were saying, but your words were the answers I was asking.” Another pastor said, “Please come and speak to my congregation–the underground Muslim believers. We need to know forgiveness.” These were just some of the comments we have heard in the last few days.

Another interesting note: Orna is coming to the States, near Atlanta, in a couple of weeks. She will be staying with us for a few days as I show her around to women’s ministries in our area that are doing the same thing she is trying to do. She will be speaking to the ministry I am involved in, “Touching Hearts.” She has a message that shows Yeshua in the pieces of the Tabernacle. Her book will soon be released. We are blessed.

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Day 11: A Dry and Thirsty Land

Ever since we have been in Israel, we have been seeking God for opportunities to share His life. What we have discovered is that this dry and thirsty land is just that…dry and thirsty. It is so hard to break in. We try to strike up conversations with individuals we come in contact with, but the culture and religious barriers make it so difficult.
Yesterday we spoke with a man who works in the valley where David slew Goliath. We had just viewed the mountain that Goliath would have come down, the place where David would have come from and the battle location. We mentioned this to the Jewish man and he did not know that this event took place right where he worked!
Later we had the privilege of being invited into the workplace of another Jewish man. He and his family export grapes. (Lots of vineyards here.) He was so kind to explain his business to us. We shared the message of forgiveness with him and his question was, “What about people who do bad things. What do you do with them?” Good question…you forgive. We handed him a bookmark and pray God will speak to his heart.
Today, Thursday, we will travel a couple of hours north to meet with a widow’s ministry and a ministry to college age kids. We believe it is more effective to come along side of already established ministries in this area. Please pray God will speak through us to those He has put in our path. Pray that lives will be impacted.
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Day 10: pause

Enjoyed a day of rest and reflection today. Enjoyed conversations with some students and a professor still here at the school—handed out more books.  Late in the day we decided to take a walk in the Old City where Bruce had an interesting conversation with an Arab Israeli Christian. “I must forgive the Jews,” he said, “but forgiveness is considered to be ‘wimpy’ in my culture. An ‘eye for an eye’ is the way we are taught.” We left a Forgiving Forward bookmark with him that outlines the protocols of forgiveness. We may never know when we share forgiveness with someone if that person will be the one God uses to make an impact on their culture with the gospel of forgiveness . Pray for Zach.

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Day 9: Some things you may not know about Jerusalem

Foundations of Capernaum

Today we completed our tour around the Sea of Galilee, heading back to Jerusalem. We began at Capernaum, the main hub of Jesus’ ministry during the last 3 years of His life on earth. We saw the foundations of the city, including the synagogue where He would have taught. Capernaum made the ministry of Jesus come alive.

Aaron at the Jordan River

After Capernaum, we stopped by the Jordan River (which, at the present, is more like a large creek) then on to Kursi, where Jesus performed the miracle of casting the demons out of the two men, sending them into the herd of pigs.

Amy at Bet She'an

From there we stopped by Bet She’an, a very large Roman City that was discovered not too terribly long ago, relatively speaking. Parts of the ruins that have been discovered here are 5,000 years old. It was magnificent!

We ended our day going back into the West Bank to Jericho, where the “walls came tumbling down.”  The day was full, hot (116 degrees) and driving around in the West Bank stretched my (Toni’s) faith.  🙂  But this was another day of being in awe of the privilege we have to experience the places of the Bible as a family. One benefit of the heat is that at almost every place we have been, we have been there by ourselves.

If you have never been to Jerusalem, here are some things you may not know:

  • The Old City is full of cats…yes, cats…they’re everywhere. They keep the rodents out.
  • The streets are not much wider than a truck.
  • Everything is built from stone.
  • Produce, raw meat hanging from the ceiling, and spices are purchased on the street like an open market.
  • Olive trees are everywhere.
  • Hospitality is important. Even the shop owners offer hot tea or mango drinks.
  • Families are important. The extended family lives under one roof. Jewish children are allowed to play in the streets with no supervision, because children are so valued that they do not fear their safety.
  • There are security checkpoints throughout the land. Walking into a shopping center today, I was stopped by the Israeli police. There were about 5 of them at the entrance. I, Toni, had to have my purse checked inside and out. Also, everyone must serve their time in the military. 3 years is the requirement. We have seen more female police then male.

Aaron left to go back to the States this evening. Later this week we will be meeting with various ministries around Israel. Please pray we will be able to encourage them as they minister peace to this land that needs peace desperately.

Bet She'an

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Day 8: Two Seas

Today was a day to go explore the Northern side of Israel. We headed up to the Sea of Galilee and on the way stopped by a few sites. We stopped by a Roman aqueduct that was built pre-Christ by Herod for moving water up to Caesarea.  It is located on the Mediterranean Sea…refreshing.

We then headed up to Caesarea, which is also on the Mediterranean. This was an impressive place. Caesarea is where Herod built a harbor, “another” palace, the Hippodrome, and an amphitheatre, amongst other things. It was here that the Gospel first came to the Gentiles (Peter and the Centurion.)

It was also here that Paul was imprisoned before heading to Rome. This picture is of the prison cells where Paul would have stayed. At most sites we enjoy reading the Biblical account of what happened there. This site was particularly moving, knowing that Paul wrote some of his books here during his two year stay and also knowing that the Gospel spread from this point.

After Caeserea, we moved our way up to the top of Mt. Carmel (Elijah and the prophets of Ba-al)  and then to Nazareth and the mountain that, most likely, because of the geography of the story, would have been where Christ was almost thrown off of in Luke 4. We are learning so much and the Bible is coming alive. This picture is the mountain near Nazareth.

We then ended our day up at the Sea of Galilee where we took a swim at night. Although we didn’t plan to swim in the dark, it was a reminder of how many things happened at night on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus and His disciples. We were in awe of our surroundings and the night sky. Today was a great day experiencing so much of the land of Galilee, reflecting at each place and laughing as a family. What a rich place Israel is!

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